My goal is getting people outside. I created The Outdoor Voice to show people what’s out there and how easy it is to get there.  I focus on destinations that can be driven to within a weekend from my wife and I’s home in Salt Lake City.

I’m a strong proponent of going on grand adventures in far off lands. I encourage you to travel as far as your circumstances allow you to whenever you have the opportunity. But don’t fall into the mindset that travel has to involve a week or more off of work and an expensive plane ticket. There are places you can see and things you can experience every single weekend or even every day.

It requires research. If you live in Utah (or Kansas/Indiana/Michigan) then you’re in luck because I’ve done the research for you. Just use the menu to select your place and get going. If you live somewhere else, spend some time on Google maps looking for green spaces. Search for other blogs like this one or guide books at the local library. Talk to people. Look for Meetups in the area.

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If you’re in Kansas, join the Prairie Fire Meetup

If you’re in Indiana or Michigan, join the South Bend Adventure Club.

If you want to read abut running or yoga, head over to Kerry’s blog Yoga On the Run.

Feel free to email me if you have questions about any of the places in the blog (fabouchard@gmail.com).

Here is a list of various news stories on the internet involving Kerry and I:
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South Bend Tribune – Adventure club carries on as founders head west

Atlas Obscura contributions

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State of Water – People of the Water

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