Weekend day-hike report (4/8-4/9)

Another weekend of exploration. Here’s what we found.

Ferguson Canyon
During the week we joined the Wasatch Mountain Club scrambling up this canyon. The terrain was pretty rocky and wet. Some sections were very steep. There are some climbing routes along the trail that we want to return to eventually. Out and back time: 2-3 hours.

Bonneville Shoreline at Red Butte Canyon
This mega trail extends all along the valley from Ogden down to Provo, with various gaps that are gradually being filled in. We covered a couple miles in Salt Lake off of Red Butte Canyon. The climbs were steep but the views were good.

Pineview Trail (Ogden)
We hiked a short trail Saturday morning in between bouts of rain. It was completely flat for a change and hugs the shore of Pineview Reservoir. Some sections were wet but otherwise a pretty easy walk. Out and back time: 1-2 hours.

Indian Trail (Ogden)
While Kerry enriched her trad climbing knowledge at the Ogden Climbing Festival, I hiked this scenic path that starts at the Bonneville Shoreline Trail near Saint Joseph Catholic High School. It climbs up fast and follows along the mountains and enters Ogden Canyon before eventually descending to Ogden Canyon Road at the site of the historic stone kiln. The second half of the hike was full of rain/snow/hail/sleet, but eventually I managed to take shelter inside the historic kiln and warm up. Out and back time: 4-5 hours.

Mill B North Fork to Lake Blanch
Finally, after a night full of snow, we returned to the Mill B North Fork trail that we attempted several weeks ago, this time with snow shoes. This isn’t the easiest time of year to do this trail. But luckily someone else paved a path through the snow before us. It was very slow going. Past Lake Blanche, which was not visible due to snow, is Sun Dial Mountain. There’s a way to hike up it, but we decided to save that for the summer.


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