Weekend day-hike report (3/10-3/12)

We live in Utah now. Upon arrival we immediately began seeking out all of the hiking trails around Salt Lake and it became obvious that it isn’t going to be like Kansas. There’s an overwhelming amount of places to explore. We decided to look into local meetup.com groups to begin with to direct us to some good spots. Here is a quick summary of what we found this weekend.

The Living Room
We joined one Meetup group here for a night hike. There’s a parking lot at the Natural History Museum from which you can ascend a staircase to a network of uphill trails. All of these supposedly will eventually take you to the Living Room, an area with a great view of Salt Lake Valley and various stone sofas and chairs to enjoy it from. Being a night hike, the photo ops were few, but this gives you a good idea of the extent of the city.

Adams Canyon
We hooked up with another Meetup further north in the city of Layton to hike into this canyon with two nice waterfalls. There was still enough ice on the ground to make it a slippery challenge. The entire valley is surrounded by similar canyons entering in from the Wasatch Mountains.

Lady Finger Point
On our own, we went out to Antelope Island State Park. After crossing the causeway, we just barely had enough time to play around on the rocks at Lady Finger Point and walk most of the way to Egg Island which was thick with nesting California gulls. We really just touched the surface of exploring this park.

Mill B Trail
After missing out on another meetup because we had no idea where we were going, we cut our losses and did our own hike towards Blanche Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The trail was covered in snow which made for slow hiking. We had to turn back early because we had a meeting scheduled. But this was a pretty spectacular hike and we will definitely be back.

All of the hikes were no more than 40 minutes from our house, making it pretty easy to have an in-town weekend packed with awesome activities. More like this to come soon.


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