The Republican River

My careful research of water levels as determined from USGS gauging stations proved to be fruitless on this weekend’s struggle of a paddle down the Republican River. Six intrepid Prairie Fire paddlers joined us for a beautiful but difficult day. A large portion of it was indeed paddleable, quite scenic, and enjoyable. The rest of the time was spent dislodging ourselves from sandbars and rocks. A couple more inches of water would have been appreciated. But we covered the 8 miles of river between the Milford Lake dam and the start of the Kaw River with high spirits (probably because of the weather). One piece of advice: if you have old tires hanging around, please DO NOT put them in the Republican River. Its just gross and a serious problem. Following the paddle we went to Fort Riley for a ghost tour of the many historical haunted buildings.

Advice for planning a trip can be found in the book Paddling Kansas by Dave Murphy (although you can take his water gauge recommendations with a grain of salt).


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