Clinton Lake State Park and Geocaching by Bike

Weekend summary:
On Saturday five outdoors club members plus Jordy (the club’s notable canine member) drove to Clinton State Park, about an hour east of Manhattan. An epic thunder storm the night before had turned all of the hiking trails into a sloshy, muddy mess. We managed to slog through it for six miles on a combination of the blue and white trails (these can be picked up at the Overlook Area parking lot). The paths were nicely maintained, compliments of volunteers from a local running group. After the hike we went into the city of Lawrence for Thai food at Zen Zero and general exploration. On the way home we briefly considered paying to use a 1000 foot-long slip and slide. But as amazing as that sounds, it looked kind of lame so we passed.

On Sunday three of us got together at Cico Park to hunt for geocaches. Geocaching (if you don’t know) is an activity that utilizes a smart phone app to search for hidden treasures hidden amongst our everyday world. These treasures are usually small containers with a log book inside for you to sign, though they can sometimes be large and full of weird toys. It’s a pretty fun way to explore an area. We parked at Cico and then got on bikes (the best way to geocache in my opinion). In total we found eight caches before we got hungry and quit for lunch. We were joined by one more person and ate at La Hacienda Grocery Store and Taquera, which is one of the more interesting Mexican eateries that I’ve found in town.

Hopefully everyone managed to get outside this weekend and take advantage of the overcast and unusually bearable temperatures.


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