Konza Prairie Biological Station

Konza Prairie, famed for its role in long-term tallgrass prairie ecological research, has a pretty excellent hiking loop. It was about a hundred degrees outside Sunday afternoon and the air was dead still. It seemed like a perfect time (at least to five intrepid club members) to spend two and a half hours hiking through a harsh landscape with no cover from the blinding sun. Within minutes we had sweat pouring off of us. But it was worth enduring the heat for the chance to appreciate a piece of native Kansas. The abundant and diverse grasses seemed to be doing just fine despite the heat. And as an extra treat, we found a snapping turtle and several horned toads along the trail. After completing the six mile loop, we hit up A.J.’s Pizza for food and lots of ice water.

Advice for future trips: Maybe opt for an early morning hike when its this hot out. Be sure to bring lots of water. Cover yourself in sunscreen and wear a hat.


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