Bourbon Falls

This weekend our travels took us to Bourbon Lake state fishing lake. I had gotten word of a secret hidden waterfall tucked away in an obscure corner of eastern Kansas. Saturday morning, with air temperature hovering around 100 degrees, five of us drove down to chill off in what we had hoped would be icy cascading waters of Bourbon Falls. The falls turned out to be pretty awesome, and the pool was fun for swimming, even though the temperature was slightly warmer than bath water. Nonetheless, it was refreshing. Next we set up a rope and a couple of us rappelled off of the cliff next to the falls, just because we could. The rocks were kind of crumbly, but the rappel was a success. We camped the night on the shore of Bourbon Lake. Sunday morning we drove to Cross Timbers State Park and hiked a badly maintained trail covered with debris from a recent flood. We cooled off in Toronto Lake and finally headed home.

Advice for the future: The falls were pretty and worth seeing, but keep in mind they are only wet for a short period of time in early summer. Don’t expect to find them there next month. There is also supposedly an endemic beetle that occurs in this area and nowhere else on earth. That alone makes it well worth the trip.


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