The Low Gap Trail

Pretty much every single weekend lately has been spent on a trip with the adventure club (see previous post). Since all of those trips are pretty well documented on our other blog, Outside the Bend, I’ve felt no need to record things here. But a couple weeks ago Kerry and I spent a weekend hiking in Morgan-Monroe State Forest on our own. The Low Gap trail was a fun 10 mile loop with very little traffic. Back country camping is permitted, but we decided to avoid heavy packs and do the whole thing in a day. After that we did some exploring at Griffy Lake in Bloomington, a reservoir with some surrounding trails. And the next day we climbed to the top of the Indiana War Memorial and well as walked around White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis.

Here are some pictures from the trip, taken mostly by Kerry with her new DSLR. The tower in the first picture is an eddy flux tower, much taller than the ones I’m used to working with in order to measure flux of the forest. See previous post if you don’t know what a flux tower is.



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