Robots online

The automated CO2 chamber creations (mentioned in my previous post in which I warn of the inevitable robot takeover) have been deployed in the tundra and are finally fully operational. They are running continuously (rain or shine) through their programmed cycle every hour of the day and night. The challenges I encountered getting to this point were a constant reminder that I am not an engineer. But I’m pretty happy with the end product. I will potentially be building ten more of these over the next year and performing some more serious experiments next Summer.

Below is a sample of data produced by the machines. Interpretation: labels between vertical gray lines describe which chamber is closed. Between these are brief periods where all of the chambers are open. We expect CO2 to be taken up from the air by photosynthesis in the clear chamber, also taken up but at a slower rate in the lights chamber, and released into the air by respiration in the dark chamber. And that’s exactly what we see! Full disclosure: this particularly nice looking set of data was cherry picked from a large number of more ambiguous data sets that were collected. However this makes it easy for you to interpret and I can confirm that the overall trend of the data is what we expected to see.




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